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‘Amnesty’ Levy says owner put on notice: “I can’t lose with Kane free agency”

What tricks can Levy pull off?

Daniel Levy, chairman of Son Heung-min’s club Tottenham. Harry Kane is giving him a headache. The owner has informed him that Kane will not be leaving on a free transfer. This means that the club will either have to sell him this summer or sign him to an extension.

The self-explanatory Tottenham striker is looking for an exit this summer. He wants to move to a team that can win titles and is strongly considering a move to Bayern Munich. He has one year left on his Tottenham contract, so it was thought he would get his wish.

But Levy came out strong. He wouldn’t sell to a Premier League rival, and he wouldn’t allow him to move abroad on the cheap. He emphasized that even if things didn’t work out and Kane left for the FA next summer, he would stick to his guns.온라인바카라

But Levy is, after all, a subordinate of the owner. The Daily Mail reported that Levy was told by owner Joe Louis to sell Kane if he failed to sign an extension. Lewis emphasized that Kane should not be allowed to leave the club for free.

It’s common sense. If Kane decides he doesn’t have the heart to stay at Tottenham, they need to sell him somewhere and make money. The problem is that Munich are smart in negotiations. They sensed the mood and only raised the transfer fee to €80 million before making a second bid. Locally, it’s believed that Munich will soon make a third offer, which won’t be anywhere near Levy’s minimum of £100 million. Munich are calculating that it’s Levy, not them, who will get the short end of the stick over time.

Tottenham have already made an offer of £400,000 a week for Kane. But given Kane’s lack of response, Tottenham’s future prospects don’t look promising. Kane has made it clear that he will not be pressuring the club for a move this summer. If he doesn’t leave this summer, he’ll feel comfortable leaving as a free agent next summer.

In that case, the only way his price will rise is if there is competition from a club other than Munich, and it is highly unlikely that other clubs, such as Manchester United, who have expressed interest since last year, will return to the negotiating table.

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