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Amazon miracle… ‘Plane crash’ children alive after 40 days

After a light plane crash in the middle of the Amazon rain forest, 4 siblings who had been unable to find out whether they were alive or dead for 40 days miraculously survived.

One child who had just turned 1 was also with them, but all were unharmed.

This is reporter Kang Eun Narae.


Children receiving food from soldiers.

Four siblings who had gone missing after a light plane crash in the middle of the Colombian Amazon were finally rescued.

It’s been 40 days.

The eldest was 13 years old and the youngest was 11 months old when they went missing, hitting their first stone in the jungle.

At the time of discovery, it showed symptoms such as dehydration and malnutrition, but it was known that there was no danger to life.

At the news of his miraculous survival, the President of Colombia said, “It is the joy of the whole country.”

<Gustav Petro / Colombian President> “This will be history. These children are the children of peace and the children of Colombia.”

As much as three weeks ago, the president made a rescue announcement with incorrect information and then withdrew it, the Colombian people are delighted with it, calling it a ‘true miracle’.

They disappeared on the 1st of last month토토사이트.

The plane with seven people on board, including four children, crashed into the Amazon jungle in southern Colombia.

Rescue authorities confirmed the bodies of three adults, including the children’s mother, at the scene, but the four siblings were nowhere to be seen.

However, baby bottles and leftover fruit pieces were found nearby, raising expectations that the children would be alive.

However, the Amazon jungle has not been easy.

Trees that grow up to 40 meters tall, sudden torrential rain, and wild animals abounded in obstacles to the search operation.

Even the voice of the children’s grandmother, who told them not to move from their seats, was broadcast through a helicopter, but no significant results were obtained.

On the 40th, when the faintest hope was fading, the children miraculously returned.

The Colombian government named the rescue operation ‘Esperanza’.

It means ‘hope’ in Spanish. This is Kang Eun Narae from

Yonhap News TV .

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