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After the opening, only 2G was active, but… “Kim Do-young AG selected? You just have to look at the possibilities and think about whether to choose them.”

The final entry for the baseball team to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games in September will be confirmed in June. With the list of preliminary entries already announced in April, there is already a great interest in which faces will survive until the final entry.

One of the concerns of the KBO Power Reinforcement Committee, which oversees discussions on the national team, is discussing the final entry of players who are injured and sluggish. This is why some players, even if they are sluggish at the beginning of the season, are likely to improve their condition again during the Asian Games.

Also, there are injuries. If it is difficult to see the face in the first team stage due to injury until the final entry decision in June, the selection can be decided considering the skills and performances the player has. For example, there are cases such as KIA Tigers infielder Kim Do-young, Doosan Bears outfielder Kim Dae-han, and LG Twins pitcher Lee Min-ho, who became long-term injured from the beginning of the season.

Among them, the most notable player is Kim Do-young. Kim Do-young, who had a batting average of 0.295 / 13 hits / 2 home runs / 8 RBIs in an exhibition game with the completion of the first spring camp in his debut, scored his first hit of the season in the Munhak SSG Landers game on April 1, and then scored 3 hits in the Munhak SSG 안전놀이터game on the 2nd. With one RBI and one run, he contributed to the team’s first win of the season.

Kim Do-young, who wanted to seize the opportunity to grow into a key player for the KIA this season, had the misfortune to fracture his left foot while running base after playing only two games.

If Kim Do-young showed consistent performance throughout this season, he was a strong infielder candidate for the Hangzhou Asian Games held in September. Since he boasts explosive running speed, it was a style that was highly utilized in international competitions, so he was attracting more attention.

Kim Do-young himself was motivated to participate in international competitions. Before the start of the season, Kim Do-young said, “Watching this WBC tournament, I had a feeling that I wanted to play on a stage like that. Wearing the Taegeuk mark on behalf of the country is the ultimate dream of every athlete. In order to go to the national team, I must first establish my position in the team I belong to. I want to show my skills properly by playing well this season.”

However, the final entry for the Asian Games national team is planned to be confirmed in June. It is not easy for Kim Do-young, who is expected to return in July, to be promoted to the national team. Still, if we can assume Kim Do-young, who has returned healthy and plays an active role, excluding the national team selection from the beginning is also a concern from the KBO point of view.

A KBO official said, “Anyway, there are some things to consider about players who are missing due to injuries before the final entry selection. Taking Kim Do-young as an example, didn’t he show performances only in two games after the opening? Under the assumption that his physical condition is fully recovered as of the time of the national team call, it is an issue that must be considered and discussed by the Power Reinforcement Committee to determine whether the final selection can be made with only outstanding potential and potential.”

Can the preliminary entry candidates, who have difficulty showing their performance properly on the first team stage until June, be recognized for their potential and potential and board the final entry? I wonder what the result of the power reinforcement committee’s contemplation to select players suitable for the baseball that national team coach Ryu Joong-il wants to play will be.

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