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After moving to the Cubs, the manager and coach are in unison, and the 2019 MVP is certain to revive

Cody Bellinger, a fresh start from the Chicago Cubs, is raising expectations by showing off a pleasant hitting feeling at spring training camp.

Bellinger conducted live betting on the 24th (Korean time) at Sloane Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA, where the team’s spring camp was prepared. Live betting refers to hitting the ball that the pitcher throws like a real game. For Bellinger, who consistently hit light balls in live batting at the beginning of spring camp, this is a point where confidence can explode.먹튀검증 delivered the news of Bellinger’s batting training and said, ‘Cody Bellinger’s bat hit and flew wide, embroidering the left-center field of Sloane Park. When Bellinger’s ball landed on the grass over the fence, the Cubs batters watching near the dugout cheered.”

Dustin Kelly, Cubs batting coach, welcomed, saying, “I am certain to a certain extent when I see the barrel (a ball that hits the center of the bat) from live betting. Bellinger is very good right now. I felt good in the batting cage today, and live betting was also good.” .

Coach Kelly said he knew Bellinger during his minor league days under the Los Angeles Dodgers. Last year, he was the Cubs minor league hitting coach, but this year he was promoted to major league coach and met with Bellinger again. For Bellinger, who is aiming for a revival, he has met the perfect partner.

In November of last year, Bellinger was humiliated by being released as a non-tender at his home team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Even though he has been sluggish for the past three years, he was the moment when the best hitter of the time, who won the Rookie of the Year in 2017 and the MVP in 2019, fell to the floor for a moment.

It wasn’t that there was nowhere to go. Several teams sent love calls. Bellinger signed a one-year, $12.5 million contract with the Cubs in December. In 2024, he staked a reciprocal option of the same salary. The Cubs, who needed center fielders and left-handers, met the conditions Bellinger wanted.

“A lot of teams have been in touch,” said then-agent Scott Boras, “but we wanted a one-year contract.” Boras is confident of Bellinger’s resurrection, so he plans to sign a one-year contract and aim for the free agent market again at the end of this year.

Cubs coach David Ross, who watched Bellinger hit that day, said, “This year is an important season for him. He has to prove something.” I hope it will be good.” Bellinger is going on his own great path.”

“He needs to be more comfortable at the plate. Bellinger’s stance is high and up. He has more room to step toward the pitcher. He hits with his heel supporting him,” Kelly explained.

According to Kelly, Bellinger has focused on strengthening his core and lower body this offseason. The reason why recent injuries have been frequent is because of large and small injuries. In particular, because of his right shoulder injury, he could not swing properly and needed to correct it.

“These are the reasons I signed with the Cubs,” Bellinger said. “They accept and agree with what I feel is right. You are still doing that for me. I feel more comfortable and more confident.”

It means that I can’t do better anymore because I’m in sync with the director and coach.

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