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Added seasoned beauty.. Ansan recruits veteran defender Kim Dae-kyung

Ansan Greeners recruited defender Kim Dae-kyung (32) from Incheon United.

Graduated from Wonsam Middle School 먹튀검증 Gangneung Munseong High School – Soongsil University, Kim Dae-gyeong made his K-League debut in 2013 by joining Suwon Samsung. After that, he moved to Incheon in 2015, and joined the Siheung Citizens Soccer Team (K3 League) for military service in 2020. Excluding the two seasons he played in Siheung, he is an 11-year professional veteran who has been active in Incheon for six seasons.

Kim Dae-gyeong played an active part as a key member of Incheon in 2015 and contributed to the 2015 FA Cup runner-up. In 2017, he showed his presence as a multiplayer capable of digesting various fields, such as scoring multiple goals. Over the years, Kim Dae-kyung showed the stable appearance of the senior line, such as playing a leading role among young players.

Kim Dae-gyeong, who has the advantage of his speed and ability to create space through threatening movements with precise crosses, is a multiplayer who can play both wingbacks as well as central defense. He is evaluated as a player who can add a sense of weight and skill to the young team Ansan, as he is good at linking play as his tactical lynchpin.

Kim Dae-gyeong said, “I am personally new and more excited to move to Ansan after being in the same team for a long time. I want to prepare well this season and contribute to the team with good performance.”

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