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Accumulated transfer fee of 70 billion → Became a ‘man in bankruptcy’… regret “because of gambling on people”

The striker who represented Wales in the past went ‘bankrupt’. Why?

British media ‘BBC’ reported on the 2nd (Korean time), “Burnley head coach and former Welsh captain Craig Bellamy (44) claimed that he was ‘bankrupt'” and “failure to invest through people around him was the reason.” .

Bellamy, who entered the professional stage through Norwich City in 1996, played an active part in the English Premier League (EPL) Liverpool (안전놀이터2006-2007), West Ham (2007-2009) and Manchester City (2009-2011). He ended his career at Cardiff City in 2014.

He also played for Wales national team. Bellamy, who also captained the club, scored 19 goals in 78 appearances for Wales.

According to the media, his cumulative transfer fee is about 70 billion won.

But Bellamy, who has been on the managerial path since 2019 and has been assistant Burnley coach since 2022, is currently broke. 

The cause was the wrong ‘investment’. Bellamy entrusted the money to the people around him, and the result was a failure of the investment. According to another British media, ‘Daily Mail’, Bellamy said, “Everything I had was taken away.” 

Then, he gave advice to his juniors who will play on the professional stage and touch big money. “If you listen to the wrong people’s advice, you will lose money,” he stressed.

At the same time, he said, “I have reached the point where bankruptcy is fortunate,” and “means that I can live again.” 

Rumors that Bellamy had become ‘broken’ led to speculation that he was addicted to drinking or gambling, but this was not true. 

“I know some people think I spent all my money on alcohol or gambling or drugs,” says Bellamy. “I never did. I won’t go to a bar, and I haven’t dabbled in drugs since I was a kid. I didn’t even gamble,” he said. 

It’s lamentable that he thinks about it himself, saying, “It doesn’t make much sense, but unfortunately I gambled on people.” People trusted him too much to give him his own money.

The BBC said, “Bellamy, who was diagnosed with depression in 2020, wants his experience to be a warning to young players.

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