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A new champion is born… 6 out of the 8 pro billiards PBA have no experience winning

 With the quarterfinals of the 5th PBA tour of professional billiards confirmed, the possibility of a new champion has increased. Among the players who made it to the quarterfinals, there are only two players with winning experience: Cho Jae-ho (NH Nonghyup Card) and Javier Palazon (Spain, Huons).

The PBA round of 16 of the ‘High1 Resort PBA-LPBA Championship 2022’ held on the 14th at High1 Resort Mountain Plaza, Mountain Plaza, Gangwon-do on the 14th was finished. As a result, Mamincalm, Cho Jae-ho, Kim Hyun-woo (above NH Nonghyup Card), Javier Palazon (Huons), Antonio Montes (Spain), Oh Tae-jun, Baek Chan-hyun, and Jang Nam-guk advanced to the quarterfinals.

On the other hand, ‘Season Ranking No. 1’ David Zapata (Spain, Blue One Resort) was caught by ‘Vietnamese powerhouse’ Mamin Calm (NH Nonghyup Card). Players with winning experience, such as David Martinez (Spain, Crown Haitai) and Birol Wimaz (Turkey, Welcome Savings Bank), also suffered a lot.

Kim Wook’s blast, which drew attention by beating Frederic Kudron (Belgium, Welcome Savings Bank) and Philippos Kasidocostas (Greece, Hana Card) in succession, also ended in the round of 16.

Zapata won the first set 15-13 in 6 innings in the round of 16 against Maminkam. However, from the 2nd set, it collapsed due to Maminkam’s wave attack. Maminkam connected the first pitch with a high run of 9 points and won the second set 15-4 (4 innings). Then, the 3rd and 4th sets were easily finished with 15-4 (7 innings) and 15-5 (6 innings), and advanced to the quarterfinals.

After losing 0-3 to Zapata in the round of 16 of this season’s opening game (Blue One Resort Championship), Maminkam, who stayed in the round of 64 in three consecutive tournaments, took revenge against Zapata and showed off his strong performance after a long time.

Martinez, the winner of the previous tour (Huons Championship), was completely defeated by fellow Spanish teammate Palazon. Palazon defeated Martinez by finishing the match in 8.3 innings on average in three sets.

Palazon, who started the first set with a score of 15-8 (7 innings), gained momentum and won the second and third sets with scores of 15-14 (10 innings) and 15-13 (8 innings), ending the game. It has been about a year since the 4th tour (Crown Haetae Championship) last season that I stepped on the stage of the quarterfinals of the PBA Tour.

Wimaz, the winner of the 4th tour (TS Shampoo and Puradak Championship), also lost with a set score of 2-3 after a full set match with the eldest son. Wimaz, who won the previous two sets lightly, gave up the match by giving away the third set afterwards. Kim Wook, who drew attention as the main character of the storm, also led two sets against ‘Spain Young Gun’ Antonio Montes (Spain), but lost three sets.

Cho Jae-ho, the “strongest player in Korea,” defeated Kim Won-seop with a set score of 3-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals in four tours after winning the opening match. Kim Hyun-woo (NH Nonghyup Card), Oh Tae-jun, and Baek Chan-hyun also advanced to the quarterfinals by defeating Chan Cha-pak (Turkiye Blue One Resort), Park Dong-jun, and Carlos Angita, respectively .토토

The PBA quarterfinals will start on the 15th at 11:30 am with Antonio Montes-Oh Tae-jun, followed by Javier Palazon-Kim Hyun-woo at 2 pm, Maminkam-Jang Nam-guk at 4:30 pm, and Jo Jae-ho-Baek Chan-hyun at 7 pm. Afterwards, at 9:30 p.m., the finals will be held between Juju Baek (Crown Haetae) and Natsumi Higashiuchi (Japan), who both reached their first professional finals.

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