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A female swimsuit model with a convex crotch is kicked out… Adidas boycott spread

Adidas, a world-renowned sporting goods brand, caused controversy by using a male-looking model for a recently released women’s swimsuit. On social media ( SNS ), there is even a boycott of Adidas.

Adidas’ women’s swimsuit from the ‘Pride 2023’ collection released on the 15th. A male-looking model shows off a new swimsuit. Photo captured from Adidas website
According to the Daily Mail and the New York Post on the 18th (local time), Adidas announced the ‘Pride 2023’ collection on the 15th and advertised swimwear classified as a women’s product line on its official website using a male-looking model. Wearing a colorful one-piece swimsuit, the model had a prominent crotch and chest hair. It was unclear whether the model was male or transgender, the media said.

Such marketing seems to have been promoted by Adidas to commemorate the Pride 2023 collection, which was released ahead of June, ‘LGBT Rights Month (Pride Month)’. As the main model for this collection, famous British diver Tom Daley, a gay man, was appointed.

However, on social media , criticism is strong for using a model that looks like a male swimsuit model as a female swimsuit model. Even the hash tag ‘ Boycott Adidas’, which says that they will not buy Adidas products in the future, is trending.

On social media ( SNS ), a boycott against Adidas안전놀이터, which used a male-looking model in a female swimsuit advertisement, is developing. A sign banning the Adidas logo reads, “Erasing women has these consequences.” photo twitter capture
Women are particularly dissatisfied. Riley Gaines, an American swimmer, pointed out that “women’s swimsuits don’t have convex decorations,” and “I don’t understand why companies voluntarily do this kind of marketing.” U.S. House Republican Marjorie Taylor-Green said, “Who is telling this company to target women, who are half the population, and market to transgender people, who are less than 1%?”

One female netizen urged, “I hope that Adidas will create and sell this product in the LGBTQ category rather than selling it as a women’s swimsuit.” In addition, some netizens sarcastically said, “appoint a woman as a male swimsuit model.” Forbes reported that it was the first time that Adidas’ Pride Month-related marketing, which had been conducted for several years, became controversial.

Adidas’ Pride 2023 collection, which was released on the 15th, is a plus-size female swimsuit model. Photo captured from Adidas website

In addition to women’s swimwear, Adidas also used male-looking models in women’s T-shirts, shorts, and skirts. Models who appear to be female appear only in large-size advertisements for women’s swimwear. In response, one netizen pointed out, “Perhaps Adidas doesn’t like big transgender models or skinny female models.”

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