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A cockroach the size of a thumb in a bag of steamed chicken ‘crusts’… The boss who said no refund, why?

A cockroach the size of a thumb appeared in a plastic bag of steamed chicken that was delivered, and the owner said that he would not give a refund, causing controversy. The person who saw the cockroach in the steamed chicken bag even complained that ‘it seems like there will be trauma’. 

On the 13th, an online community posted안전놀이터 a post with the title, ‘There was a live cockroach in the steamed chicken, but there is no refund.’ 

Writer A said, “A giant cockroach the size of an adult man’s thumb came attached to the (delivery) plastic container.” revealed

“The plastic bag was delivered tightly tied twice, once from the inside and once from the outside. Cockroaches must have come from the store,” he wrote.

Mr. A explained, “The wings were very large and fluttered, and I heard the sound of crawling inside a plastic bag, so I filmed it.”

However, the owner of the restaurant in question did not apologize to Mr. A. According to Mr. A, the president said, “It’s not from food, so I can’t do anything, whether it’s a refund or re-delivery.”

Mr. A said, “(Delivery app) counselors were like, ‘Is it like a fly? Did you just do your fingernails?’, taking it lightly and saying that it would be difficult to get a refund if the store didn’t give a refund. When I talk to them again, they say they will pay with points. I just want a refund,” he complained.

Later, when Mr. A left a review, only then did he get a call saying he would refund it. He said, “Since the delivery app reported to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, we will know the results until the results come out, but if it is a hygiene problem, it seems too serious.” “The store is in the market. Sewer cockroaches of that size are quite common in the market, so the sanitation of the store is questionable.” 

At the same time, he said, “If it is delivered in a plastic bag, there must be only one. I feel like I am still dazed and traumatized by the shock of seeing cockroaches on food lids right in front of my nose.”

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