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A bus carrying 21 Koreans crashed in Vietnam… 2 injured

 A bus carrying Koreans crashed down the road while avoiding a motorcycle near Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam토토사이트.

According to local media such as Vietnam’s state-run VTC Broadcasting and VN Express, at around 11:30 am on the 11th (local time), a tour bus crashed down a 50m hill while heading for Phu Tho Province, north of Hanoi, injuring two passengers and injuring two others. worn

It is reported that two Koreans were injured in the accident and were transported to a local hospital for treatment.

There were 29 people on the bus, including eight Vietnamese and 21 Korean tourists.

At the time, the bus fell down a hill and overturned, and passengers escaped with the help of locals.

One of the witnesses told VN Express that “residents broke the doors of the bus cars and got people trapped inside out.”

Local police are continuing their investigation to determine the specific cause of the accident, VTC Broadcasting reported.

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