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8.7 billion → 10.2 billion → 11.7 billion… Signs of Kim Min-jae’s salary soaring ‘Man United 3 billion more in a week’

 Starting with 6 million, going through 7 million and ending at 8 million euros. As the recruitment competition for Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) intensifies, naturally, Kim Min-jae’s annual salary is showing signs of skyrocketing. 

Italy’s ‘Il Napoli’ quoted Italy’s ‘Gazetta dello Sport’ on the 15th (Korean time), saying, “Napoli Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis is trying to remove Min-jae Kim’s baiout clause and raise his salary. It was in vain,” he said, conveying the possibility of Kim Min-jae’s transfer. 

He added, “Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount is 48 million euros (about 69.9 billion won), and Manchester United (Man United) seems ready to offer a contract with an annual salary of 8 million euros (about 11.7 billion won).” 

Kim Min-jae joined Napoli in July of last year to replace Kalidou Koulibaly (Chelsea). Kim Min-jae transferred from Fenerbahce (Turkiye) for a transfer fee of 18 million euros (approximately 26.3 billion won), but no one paid attention to him.

However, Kim Min-jae proved his skills by playing Serie A and the UEFA Champions League this season. His aerial competition, stepping technique, and quick speed despite his large size made him the ‘best defender in the world’.

This skill of Kim Min-jae was soon linked to the interest of big clubs. Manchester United, Manchester City (Man City), Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Bayern Munich, etc. have put Kim Min-jae on their recruitment list. 

Kim Min-jae’s value jumped even more as Napoli early confirmed the Serie A championship after 33 years of Udinese expedition on the 5th. As the championship premium is attached, his ransom is jumping more and more. 

The fact that Kim Min-jae became the target of big clubs in less than a year after joining Napoli was also largely influenced by the buyout clause included in the contract. Kim Min-jae can freely negotiate with foreign clubs other than Italy that offer a buyout amount between July 1 and 15. 

Napoli, which lost Kim Min-jae in one season, tried to get rid of this buyout clause. He promised Kim Min-jae a big raise. Kim Min-jae’s 안전놀이터current annual salary after tax is about 2.5 million euros (approximately 3.6 billion won). Napoli is in a position to give up to 4.5 million euros (about 6.6 billion won).

But on that day, an article came out saying that Manchester United would offer Kim Min-jae 8 million euros, an increase of 1 million euros. 2 million euros jumped in just a week.

Kim Min-jae’s ransom has room to rise further. This is because the season is not over yet, and Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and PSG have not yet started in earnest. In addition to the salary, there is room for new additional options.

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The day before (14th), Italian agent Vincenzo Moravito claimed, “Man City is ahead of rivals Manchester United in the competition to recruit Napoli defender Kim Min-jae this summer.” Like Manchester United requested by Eric ten Hag, manager Pep Guardiola is interested in signing Kim Min-jae, so it seems that they will not back down easily.

Although Chelsea were rejected, Koulibaly, Christian Pulisic, and goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabala are all eager to sign Kim Min-jae to Napoli. Given that the competition to sign Kim Min-jae has not yet started in earnest, I wonder if Manchester United will be the final winner before signing Kim Min-jae.

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