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5 Best Places to go on a Date in Seoul

You might be surprised but in fact, Seoul is a perfect place for lovebirds! If you want to take your better half to a unique and unforgettable date, Seoul is the place to go. Check out the 10 Best spots to go on a date in Seoul, which will make your significant other fall in love with you even more.

  1. Cheonggyecheon Stream
    Cheonggyecheon is a beautiful recreation area built around a stream and located in the heart of Seoul. The walking path goes on for kilometers and is especially beautiful at night or during the countless art festivals being held here. The light-up night view on the mesmerizing stream and Seoul’s illuminated skyscrapers in the background set the perfect scenery for a romantic walking date! 안전놀이터
  2. A special movie experience
    Everyone knows watching movies as part of the typical –not so exciting- date. Not in Seoul! Korea takes cinemas to the next level. You can choose the “Sweetbox” seats, which offer a lot of privacy and don’t have that annoying drink holder in the middle. If you really want to impress your date, go to Cine de Chef, which combines a luxurious movie experience with massage chairs and fine dining. Or if you want some more action, check out the 4D theaters. You see, there are plenty of opportunities to make a movie date special and exciting.
  3. 360 degrees view on Seoul
    Probably the most popular dating spot in Seoul. From N Tower, you certainly have the best 360 degrees view on Seoul. We totally recommend going there at night, because the view will be much more stunning! To eternalize your love, you can hang cute padlocks engraved with your names on the tower. And for an extra special experience, there is a fancy restaurant located on the higher floors of the tower where you can enjoy fine cuisine with the best view.
  4. Korea’s highest building
    The Lotte World Tower is the highest building in Seoul standing at 554m. It is in fact one of the highest buildings in the world! In its interior are a luxurious hotel, the highest glass-bottom observatory in the world and the beautifully decorated and huge Lotte World Shopping Mall, where you can find every street and designer brand and various food courts. How about enjoying the breathtaking view from the highest building in Korea and then completing the evening by going shopping and visiting a nice restaurant? All under one roof!
  5. Unique cafés
    Is there something that your loved one really likes? Maybe fluffy cats, cute dogs, a favorite TV character, books, princess dresses, origami, Lego, Korean Drama, Hello Kitty or the Anime One Piece? Seoul has the perfect place for every interest. If you have some hours on free time on a afternoon, why not hit up one of the countless themed cafes? You will certainly surprise your loved one by choosing a café which fits his/her interests. And it makes drinking your cappuccino much more interesting.
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