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2nd place in GG, but 23rd place shortstop in the fantasy ranking, Kim Ha-seong’s actual value and reality

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong, who was surrounded by trade rumors throughout this offseason, is more likely to fill the contract period.

This is because third baseman Manny Machado plans to exercise his opt-out right after the season. Machado signed an opt-out clause after his fifth season as a free agent with San Diego in February 2019 for 10 years, $300 million. He will give up $150 million for the remaining five years, 2024-2028, and seek a new contract.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the San Diego club recently offered Machado a five-year, $108 million contract extension. When the existing 10-year contract ends, he expressed his desire to extend the contract from 2029 to 2033 and eventually retire from San Diego. But Machado refused. Machado, who is confident that he has done his part without any injuries after moving to San Diego, seems to want a 10-year contract with an annual average of $35 million or more.

San Diego was in an awkward position. When Machado becomes a free agent, there is a prospect that the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees will immediately jump in. There is no guarantee that San Diego will beat big market clubs in the ‘money fight’.

This is an important issue related to Kim Ha-seong. This is because if Machado leaves the current roster, Ha-seong Kim will be the third baseman in San Diego. Ha-seong Kim started 150 games for shortstop, 35 games for 3rd baseman, and 20 games for 2nd baseman for each position in the major leagues for 2 years. He had a fielding percentage at third base of 0.990 with only one error in 102 fieldings. He is an all-weather infielder who can defend as much as a shortstop, even at third base.

Ha-seong Kim saw second baseman this season as large shortstop Xander Bogarts joined. Second base is not a new place. The starting second baseman, backup shortstop, and third baseman are positions given to Kim Ha-seong this year. Some say that using Kim Ha-seong, who has the best defense as a shortstop, as second baseman is a ‘waste of talent’.

That will also be true, Ha-seong Kim was recognized for his defensive power last year by ranking second in the National League shortstop Gold Glove voting. This is why Kim Ha-seong is popular in the trade market. The Boston Red Sox, which Bogatz left, and the Atlanta Braves, whose shortstop was vacated due to Dansby Swanson’s transfer to the Chicago Cubs, were also mentioned as Kim Ha-seong’s destination.

At this level, it should be seen that Kim Ha-sung’s popularity and popularity among fans have risen to a certain level. It refers to the recognition of the value of the shortstop who was the final contender for the Gold Glove.메이저놀이터

However, in the “2023 Major League Fantasy Baseball Rankings” recently released by, Ha-seong Kim ranked 254th overall and ranked 23rd in the shortstop category. If the starting shortstop is 30, it means that he is 23rd among them, which is an unexpected evaluation.

Fantasy Baseball is a simulation game in which a fan becomes the owner and directly selects players by drafting, runs a season based on actual performance, and competes with points. Fantasy rankings are meaningful in that they objectively reflect a player’s value.

The reason Ha-sung Kim’s value is not highlighted in fantasy games is because of his attack power. Kim Ha-seong, who filled the required at-bat for the first time last year, recorded a batting average of 0.251 (130 hits in 517 at-bats), 11 homers, 59 RBIs, 58 runs, 12 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.708. The OPS+ was 107, just above average.

Sports Illustrated said on the 12th, ‘Ha-seong Kim, who has excellent defense, may be able to move to second base, but his OPS+ last year was 107, and his batting ability is slightly above average at best. If the Padres infield is saturated, Ha-seong Kim can be used as a trade card to recruit a young starting pitcher from the Atlanta Braves,’ he predicted.

In MLB, offense is more important than defense. Fans are used to aggressive baseball, and hitters earn far more than pitchers. This is the reason why orders to improve attack power are pouring in to Ha-seong Kim.

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