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25 million won if you lie down for two months? what kind of experiment

The second search term is ‘12.5 million won a month if you just lie in bed’.

The special artificial gravity research that the European Space Agency decided to proceed to respond to the changes the human body experiences in space is a hot topic.

This is an experiment in which 12 men are confined to bed for two months.

When you lie down토토사이트, your muscles and bones become weaker and more blood goes to your head than before, which is said to be the same as the body changes astronauts experience in the microgravity environment of space.

In particular, in this study, an experiment of riding a bicycle while lying on a bed is also being conducted for the first time, to see what changes the exercise of astronauts on the International Space Station causes to the human body.

The experimental results are said to be helpful not only in space, but also in the development of treatments for the elderly or bedridden patients.

The men who participated in the study received 18,000 euros, or 25 million won in our money, for lying on a bed with their head tilted 6 degrees below horizontal for 60 days.Netizens commented, “This is where your dream job is”, “It’s a very high salary, but you should do your best to lie down”, “So, where should I apply for participation?” and so on.

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