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‘12 wins, undefeated’ Chuncheon Tigers win the championship trophy

The Chuncheon Tigers wheelchair basketball team recorded 12 consecutive wins in the opening season and succeeded in winning the regular season early.메이저놀이터 The Chuncheon Tigers, led by coach Cho Dong-gi from Chuncheon, won 60-52 in the first game of the third round of the league against Coway Blue Wheels held at Sangju Indoor Stadium on the 16th. Then, in the second game of the third round of the league against Daegu Metropolitan City Hall held at the same place on the 17th, they won 76-53. As a result, the Chuncheon Tigers confirmed their early victory in the regular season with 12 wins,...

“Understanding improved, confidence gained” after playing against the Japanese team

“Through field training in Japan, I was able to learn more clearly and increase my understanding. “It was a training camp that gave me more confidence.” The second week of OK Financial Group's overseas training program has come to an end. The club announced that it will conclude its training schedule in Osaka, Japan with a practice game on the 17th and return home on the 19th after resting. OK Financial Group moved to Osaka on the afternoon of the 11th and, like in the first week, spent time checking the areas that the team had emphasized so far through...

Lee Song-ha, Yoo Soo-young, and Park Si-yoon become integrated Black Combat-Deep champions… Black Combat wins 5-2 over Deep

Korea's Black Combat defeated Japan's DEEP again. He won 5-2 in the 7-on-7 match of ‘Black Combat 8: The Last Samurai (DEEP 115)’ held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan on the 18th. Moreover, they won all of the unified title matches. Lee Song-ha beat Juri Ohara with a Sloev Stretch Submission, Soo-young Yoo beat Kouchi Ishizuka with a pounding TKO, and Si-yoon Park defeated Saori Oshima with a decision by decision, thus rising to the top spot in Black Combat and deep. The three champions now defend their titles between Black Combat and Deep. It was a landslide victory...