The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Ravi, the 400-gram, furry, fur-armored, wandering white goose.

Animal Rights Action Kara started a village animal welfare project last November near The Spring Center, an adoption center in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, to help spay and neuter yard dogs and stray dogs. They educated owners on how to properly raise their dogs without leaving them unattended, and rescued dogs in need. While conducting the welfare project, the activists found a dog wandering around, unable to see clearly because of its shaggy fur. The dog followed other dogs released by their owners to get food, and according to the villagers, a stranger had abandoned the dog here many years ago. Ravi,...

Middle school student helping mom with deliveries dies in truck-car crash

A teenager who was riding in the passenger seat of a truck was killed in an accident involving a one-ton truck and a passenger car in Wonju, Gangwon Province안전놀이터. A(16), a junior high school student, was reportedly defecating while helping his mother deliver food on a discretionary day off. The Wonju Police Department said that one person was killed and two others were injured when a one-ton truck and a passenger car collided at Sajeri Gwangter intersection in Heungup-myeon, Wonju at around 6:42 a.m. today (May 5). At the time, a one-ton truck was reportedly turning left after receiving a...

Jeong Jung-jeong, who killed classmate who apologized to bereaved family, says behavior in jail ‘creepy’

Jung Yoo-jeong, who is currently being held on suspicion of murdering and abandoning her peers, has reportedly been eating and sleeping well and being too carefree in jail안전놀이터. According to a JTBC report on May 5, Jung apologized to the victims and bereaved families after leaving the police station, saying, "I'm really sorry." After her arrest on March 27, Jeong said she had no idea who was responsible, then changed her story to accidental killing. But as the evidence continued to mount, she confessed, "I wanted to kill," she said. He bowed and apologized, but his sincerity was questionable. Chung...

40-year-old fights with girlfriend in front of motel at dawn, pants ‘bulge’ as citizen stops him

A man in his 40s 토토사이트who harassed and pushed a citizen who was arguing with his girlfriend has been caught by police. The Gwangju West Police Station announced on the 5th that it is investigating A, 41, on suspicion of performance obscenity and assault. A is suspected of taking off his pants and exposing his body parts in front of a motel in Chipyeong-dong, western Gwangju, at around 4:30 a.m. that day. In the process, he is also suspected of pushing citizens in the neighborhood. Mr. A is said to have been arguing with his girlfriend and became angry when...

“English teachers traveling abroad for 200 million won, why this country?”

A group of elementary school English teachers in Ulsan, South Korea, are traveling to Finland for training, sparking controversy over the appropriateness of the trip안전놀이터. According to the Ulsan City Office of Education, 28 English teachers from Ulsan elementary schools will be traveling to Finland in August. The training costs 7.8 million won per person and the total budget is over 200 million won. However, Finland is a country that speaks Finnish and Swedish instead of English, and uses Latin script. Because of this, it has been pointed out that why go to a non-English speaking country for training? In...