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‘162.8 billion’ Enzo is not 1st place… ‘Colossus’ Benfica’s highest transfer fee is ’23-year-old FW’

Even Enzo Fernandez, who heated up the winter transfer market, is not number one. The best creation of ‘Colossus’ Benfica is Joao Felix, who is currently on loan at Chelsea.

Chelsea were the protagonists of the transfer market until the end. The club announced on its official website on the 2nd (Korean time) that “Fernandez, who led the World Cup victory, has completed his transfer to Chelsea.” The contract period for Fernandez is until the summer of 2031, which is a very large contract of eight and a half years.

Transfer fees are also the highest in Premier League history. Fernandez entered Stamford Bridge with an amount of 121 million euros (approximately 162.8 billion won), easily surpassing Manchester City’s Jack Grealish (117.5 million euros, approximately 158.1 billion won), who was previously number one.

Benfica’s ‘high posture’ worked. Chelsea also offered 85 million euros (approximately 113.9 billion won) to embrace Fernandes in early January. However, Benfica rejected all offers for Fernandez, sticking to their buyout. It was a strategy that was possible because it was a Chelsea that did not save money, and this was exactly the case.메이저사이트

It was a transaction worthy of the name of ‘Colossus’. Benfica is Europe’s leading selling club and a treasure trove of promising players. It collects numerous young talents from Europe and South America and exports them to the top leagues at high prices. Benfica also showed off its skills this summer by selling Darwin Núñez, who was acquired for 34 million euros (about 45.8 billion won), for 80 million euros (about 107.7 billion won), more than double the price.

Same goes for Fernandez. Having joined Benfica this summer for 44.25 million euros (approximately 59.5 billion won), he left for Chelsea after tripling his ransom in just six months. He is an amazing achievement compared to the period even considering that there was a World Cup special.

Even such Fernandes is not Benfiga’s highest transfer fee income. They sold Felix to Atletico Madrid in 2019 for a whopping 127.2 million euros (approximately 171.2 billion won). Even Felix was a youth player. Benfica left an indescribable profit by taking good care of the player who was called in as ‘0 Won’.

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