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‘139km-5K’ Yoon Young-cheol Futures inspection, countdown to first group debut ‘D-7’ 

“First of all, I’m trying to fill in the number.”

It was different from the KIA Tigers fans who wanted to see the pitching of a monster rookie as soon as possible. KIA Tigers coach Kim Jong-guk was in no hurry. Following Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri, left-handed pitcher Yoon Young-cheol (19), who will carry the future of KIA, is preparing for his first-team debut step by step.

Yoon Young-chul started the 2023 KBO Futures (second team) league with the Samsung Lions held at Gyeongsan Ball Park in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 8th, throwing 93 pitches in 6 innings, scoring 9 hits, 5 strikeouts, and 3 walks.

As the first nomination this season, Yun Young-chul, who played 8⅔ scoreless innings in two demonstration games at Yoon Young-cheol High School wearing a KIA uniform, will make his debut in the KBO League on the 15th with Kiwoom Heroes and Gocheok Sky Dome away.

Coach Kim Jong-guk previously picked Yoon Young-chul as the 5th starter. A lot of attention was focused on Kim Seo-hyeon (19, Hanwha Eagles)안전놀이터, who throws a fast ball with a maximum speed of 160 km, but experts evaluated that Yoon Young-chul was one step above in terms of perfection. Through field training and demonstration games, he proved why such evaluations are coming out.

However, it was excluded from the opening entry. The plan is to use it after registering it on the day of the 1st team appearance. However, the schedule was delayed more than expected. This is because KIA took 3 games off due to rain cancellation. Director Kim Jong-guk decided to continue the planned rotation. Yoon Young-cheol’s turn was naturally skipped.

Instead, he continued his pitching sense in the Futures League. The highest speed of the fastball that day was 139 km, and the average was 135 km. In a situation where pitchers who throw balls close to 160km as well as 150km are appearing, Yoon Young-chul’s restraint has no great merit.

However, there are many things that offset this. He hides the ball until the ball is pitched, and his deception moves are excellent, as well as fastball and breaking ball control. On this day, he finished the inspection by throwing a slider (21 pitches), a changeup (16 pitches), and a curve ball (10 pitches) evenly, while mainly throwing fastballs (46 pitches).

His game management skills are also top-notch. He got 4 hits in the 1st inning and gave up 2 runs, but in the crisis with 2 outs loaded, Kim Min-ho struck out and put out the fire. In the 5th inning, the lead batter hit a triple and gave up 1 more run, and in the 6th inning, the lead hitter was allowed a hit, but after that, he had to pay three batters to catch a ground ball and strike out and finish the pitch.

Coach Kim announced that he plans to start a rotation starting with Yang Hyeon-jong in the first game next week. He prepares for his starting debut against Kiwoom. Exactly one week later, he will make his first team debut.

Regarding Yoon Young-chul, who finished pitching that day, coach Kim Jong-guk said, “I thought of the number of pitches between 90 and 100. I told him to fill in the innings according to the number. First of all, I will try to fill the number a lot.” “It’s a situation where stable pitchers have to take center stage because there are a lot of fielders’ injuries. I decided to turn in four experienced players (first). It rained during the three-game series, so I thought it might be okay to rest once more rather than raise it.

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