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‘12 wins, undefeated’ Chuncheon Tigers win the championship trophy

The Chuncheon Tigers wheelchair basketball team recorded 12 consecutive wins in the opening season and succeeded in winning the regular season early.메이저놀이터

The Chuncheon Tigers, led by coach Cho Dong-gi from Chuncheon, won 60-52 in the first game of the third round of the league against Coway Blue Wheels held at Sangju Indoor Stadium on the 16th. Then, in the second game of the third round of the league against Daegu Metropolitan City Hall held at the same place on the 17th, they won 76-53. As a result, the Chuncheon Tigers confirmed their early victory in the regular season with 12 wins, no losses, and 14 points with three games remaining until the end of the league. This is their second consecutive loss in the regular league since last year. Currently, Coway Blue Wheels is in second place with 9 wins, 3 losses, and 21 points, and if Chuncheon Tigers loses all three remaining games and Coway Blue Wheels wins all of their games, the point score is the same at 27. However, because the Chuncheon Tigers defeated Coway Blue Wheels all three times in this regular season, an early victory was possible according to the winner wins principle. The final three games of the regular league will be held at Goyang Holt Stadium for three days starting October 6. After completing the regular league, the Chuncheon Tigers will play the championship game against the winner of the playoffs (regular league 2nd and 3rd place match) at Seongnam Indoor Stadium for 3 days starting November 28.

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